Eight a Day 

Eight a day is a personal piece, made in the first few months of being diagnosed with bipolar disorder. For the first time in my life I found myself reliant on medication, at the time I took 8 pills every day. The number 8 now feels arbitrary as the amount of pills I take regularly changes. 

The piece is made up of 365 necklaces, each with 8 candy beads hanging from brass jewelers nails, with one worn around my own neck. Candy beads were chosen as when I was a child I would imagine rationing out my candy as if it were medicine. The necklace itself links to memories of my stepmother carefully taking off her jewelry each night, only to put it back on in the morning. This repetition and imagery tied in with my own curiosity of how many pills I would ingest in my first year of my diagnosis, full well knowing that this would become a life sentence.  This piece contains 2920 candy beads, which directly correlate to each pill I took that year to help manage my lifelong illness.


 ©2019 Alisha Marie Adams

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