Andreus Ma Fecet - By the Hand of Andrew


Medium: cone 6 ceramic, terra sigillata, stainless steal threaded rod, hardware, wood, spray foam, paint

This work was titled in the early Roman style of signing functional pottery, both in Latin and the English translation. The hands are cast of the functional art potter, Andrew Tarrant, who has been working in clay for the past 30 years. My intention in this work was to show the 5 main hand positions which Andrew uses when working on the wheel, and to mimic the clay body and treatment of the clay in a similar way as how he treats the surfaces of his own work. This work is meant to show the intimate nature of making a pot, without the pot being present. Instead the hands are the object, and act as a reminder of the person responsible behind the making of the pot, and the intimate nature wheel thrown pottery has on both the maker and the user.

 ©2019 Alisha Marie Adams

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